Why Nigerian bloggers always find it hard In the blogging industry

Why Nigerian bloggers always find it hard In the blogging industry

Blogging is one of the best online businesses one can venture in regardless of the person’s knowledge level on the computer.Blogging is very lucrative and at the same time hard to earn a living, especially if you do it the long way.

Most Nigeria bloggers are somehow doing well while others are still struggling to cash out as little as one hundred dollars.

But what would Have been the course of this. Does it mean that these people are doing the wrong thing? Yes they’re doing the wrong thing.

Most Nigerian bloggers think that blogging is all about publishing blogs out there and then folding hands while it makes money.

You will only end up making imaginary money and at the same time end up wasting your money.

So what are these folks doing wrong that makes them fail each time they blog?Well, that’s what I’m about to share now, so let’s get started.

Why Nigerian bloggers always find it hard In the blogging industry

Number one

Lazy blogging:

Like I said before, most Nigerian bloggers think that blogging is just all about publishing a blog and then folding your hands while it prints money for you which is a wrong perception of blogging.

This perception is peculiar to newbie bloggers in Nigeria and is exempted in this case. This will make them feel like doing nothing which at the end of the day causes the failure of the blog.

This kind of thing fuels the disappointment of these bloggers which can cause them to quit blogging.

Number two:

Having little to no knowledge about blogging:

About ten years ago, blogging was a win-win for anybody who can just write something on the internet.

But fast forward today, blogging has changed, it has changed so much more than before. You need to have a more powerful knowledge before you can get out of the usual write and publish article.

Nigeria bloggers dwell so much on the little knowledge they have which always amounts to failure at the end of the day. As a blogger you don’t need to dwell on your little knowledge to succeed in blogging. You need to ask questions and seek advice before you can get there. Buy courses and so on.

Number three

Lack of consistency:

Most bloggers are guilty of this. Lack of consistency. It has pulled many blogs down and still many more to be pulled down.

For your blog to be successful you need to be consistent in publishing articles steadily on it; do the necessary optimization and also continue to be consistent.

It’s not easy but that’s the only option that you have to succeed in the blogosphere.


Blogging is still by far the easiest way to make money online in this internet age. Just that most people don’t take it seriously. Infact some don’t treat it as business but a casual thing which gives money and that’s all.

To succeed in the blogging industry you have to put in the work and be consistent in order to gain your fair share of the industry national cake. Do it wisely.

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