Is it possible to Save allawe money During your National youth service corp year?

Is it possible to Save allawe money During your National youth service corp year?

A few months ago I got a question from someone who happens to be a graduate of a certain University in Nigeria. And was planning on going for his one-year National service.

He asked me a question that got me laughing and at the same time thinking. He said; bro (Is it possible to Save allawe money During your National youth service corp year?)

Of Which I know that some of you might be asking the same question.

This question got me laughing because it doesn’t have a straightforward answer. Because some ex corp members when asked will tell you yes while some will tell you no it’s not possible. 

And guess? whichever answer they give you is totally correct and this time incorrect. Why? Because every answer given to you by both parties are given out of their personal experiences during their one year service as a corp member.

But if I’m personally going to give you an answer to this question, then I must tell you that saving money depends on some certain criteria.

Now you may be thinking what I meant by certain criteria.

Well, you don’t have to wonder about anything because I am about to explain everything for you now and here in this post. All you have to do is to make sure you read till the end and don’t skip any part of the article as I share my thoughts on this subject.

So what do I actually meant by the sentence phrase “it depends on some certain criteria” 

Ok, here’s what I mean….

You and I know that there are 36 states and capitals in Nigeria. These 36 states have their own individual financial capability and sailing points which you already are not equal. For example; you can’t compare the financial capability of anambra to that of ekiti because anambra is by far better than ekiti in all angles. 

The educational settings in Anambra and some other states in Nigeria are designed to favor saving of money by core members.

How is this so?

In a place like akwa ibom a national youth corp member doesn’t need to look for a house to rent with his/her own money rather it will be provided for you by the management of your place of primary assignment throughout the your years of working with them, with them doing so you don’t need a prophet to tell you that you’ve already saved money. unlike some other states in Nigeria which does otherwise to the core members posted in their state.

As a core member serving in places like some place in Nigeria your place of primary assignment must likely be related to what you studied versus the normal annoying routine of putting everybody in the classroom to teach which is practiced by some states in Nigeria. 

These states that make sure that your place of primary assignment is related to your course of study always have a bigger job opportunity compared to those one that send everybody in the classroom to teach regardless of your course of study. In these states you may work multiple jobs which will in turn help you save your allawe for better plans ahead.

Apart from the money (#33,000 naira) you’re paid by the federal government, having a good place of primary assignment enable you to collect extra salary which will help you to save your nysc allowance aka allawe. But unfortunately this is not done in every place of primary assignment.

Another ultimate guarantee that you will save money through your nysc year is serving in your own state of origin. I know you already know that one. If it sounds new to your ear then I want you to know that it is legit, that’s another surest way of saving money throughout your year in nysc. 


Because you live close to your family.

You live close to your friends.

You also live close to your house, and finally you live close to your business.

And that’s just it.


The National Youth Service Corps is a fun program. It gives the opportunity to experience life elsewhere; a far away land from where you used to be.

So if you find yourself in a place that gives you the opportunity to save money, please do so. but if you don’t; just enjoy yourself, get some wired life experience and then move on to the next phase of life. 

Most importantly whether you are trying to save money or not, please remember to feed well and live your best life because at last if you go hungry trying to save that you might end up in the hospital treating ulcer with the money you just saved.

So please take care of yourself and enjoy your service year.

Good luck as you receive your posting letters.

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