are you still in the ministry?

“Charles, are you still in the ministry?”I get this question every day – literally every day. And today, I want to address it.Yes, I am still in the service of humanity.

The word ministry means to SERVE, it doesn’t mean to gather people, collect their tithes and live like a celebrity.

No. I’ve been there. I’ve done that. I’ve seen the emptiness and I left it to dedicate myself to the true ministry – serving humanity with my talents, skills, gifts and intelligence.As a religious Preacher, I buried my head in religious books…

Despite my background in Science and Technology, I felt my calling was higher than Science and Technology. I was WRONG.

And if that’s your mentality today, I want you to have a rethink. The scientists who created Covid19 vaccines saved billions of lives…. The scientists who created penicillin and other medications are saving billions of lives…

The technologists who developed Social media technology served humanity with their Intelligence…

But you, a pastor of a 500 congregation somehow believes that you are saving more lives than they are. This belief system is unfounded, illogical and based on mere religious myths. A person dying of a kidney failure or brain tumor needs one salvation – healing from the killer disease.

Even the holiest pastors on their sick beds desire just one thing – to be cured, not to die.

So anyone who is involved in solving human Problems is a MINISTER.

I’m still in the ministry…I am serving my generation with my gifts – intellectual and spiritual.I may no longer be interested in gathering people to call them SONS AND DAUGHTERS like in the past… But I see people from all nations gathering around me to learn how to live to their full potentials as humans.

In my new ministry to humanity, I’ve helped fund the medical treatment of dying sick people who recovered because they got medical care…I’ve helped raise awareness against injustice… I’ve helped thousands of people especially in Africa to conquer poverty – the Statistics are available….I’ve created jobs for dozens of people and going to create more for at least 1,000 people before the end of 2023. I’ve assembled the Smartest scientists and technologists in the world on a project that seeks an end to ageing and death…. Above all, I’m living TRUE to my Truth.

I no longer pretend to be Holier than you… I live just as free as Yeshua – without guilt or Religion. This new life has restored the days of my youth….

I’m richer in mind, happier and more resourceful.If you observe everything I do on this platform and outside this platform, but still think that this is not ministry, then your pastor didn’t teach you the truth about ministry. You need to ask your pastor to come to #CharlesAwuzie for Mentorship on true ministry.

So yes, I am still in the service of humanity – I won’t stop until the day I die. Once you are called to serve, you will never stop serving. Ask Jonah… The mode of operation may change but the service is still the same – lifting humanity from Ashes to her highest potentials.

I hope this puts to rest your Religiously motivated curiosity – is Charles still in the ministry?Charles is still in the service of humanity – you are just Religiously mistaught to think PULPIT ministry is the real ministry when Yeshua never had a pulpit ministry himself.

He lives to serve humanity – first as a carpenter who used his skills to bring comfort to people and then as a spiritual teacher who used his wisdom to liberate Religious slaves.Maranatha.(Picture: taken almost 6 to 7 years ago).

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