A Life Not Inspired By Money

A Life Not Inspired By Money….I do not have dreams of a lavish lifestyle…I abhor comfort….I haven’t bought a new clothe since 2022 besides the inner wears and T-shirts I wear under.I hate cash… So I avoid it. I haven’t had cash on me for 4 years besides the R200 note I need to give beggers on the street daily.

Or the little withdrawals for gifts, payment of unbanked low skill employees etc. By January this year, we sold off 80% of our real estate portfolio and currently left with the home we live in, the office we want to donate as an innovation hub for the community and warehouses for our products.As we prepare to launch our P2P exchange with the potential of handling daily volume of at least 2 million USD in its 1st month, I’ve once again submitted myself for financial management training.

Harvard Business School Online has a program called Leading with Finance. At the end of this training, I’ll be better equipped to make more informed financial decisions for an organisation operating in a volatile space.I am inspired by the life of CZ of Binance – with an estimated Networth of over 60 Billion USD, CZ doesn’t live an extravagant life but continues to build products that serve millions of people every day.

For every new challenge, get the appropriate education and MENTORSHIP needed to function. Knowledge is the unction you need to function. I’ve also enrolled for a Masters in Blockchain Technology and the pursuit for knowledge continues.

I desire to live a life that is not inspired by money but by solving human Problems through the exercise of the human intelligence.I recommend Harvard business School Online to my community – for as little as $1600, you can earn yourself a Harvard Certification in Financial Management.Don’t ever stop learning…. Especially online.

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